Software Development Solutions

Our software development solutions offer a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline your business operations and maximise profitability across the digital spectrum.

  • Workflow Automation

  • Ticketing & Tracking

  • P&L, Revenue Statements

  • Reporting

  • Custody Solutions

  • Client Onboarding

  • CRM

  • Agency & Brokerage Trading

Workflow Automation

Acting as a BPO, we can assist in creating an order placement and execution system for swift and time efficient trades. Giving a seamless experience, minimising the risk of errors, which results in time and cost savings for companies.


Our platform also provides comprehensive reporting capabilities to help companies track their trading activities. Our platform allows users to generate detailed reports that provide an overview of their trading activities, including profits and losses, revenue, and other important metrics. This helps companies stay informed about their trading activities and make informed decisions.

Blockchain Analysis

At Lunar Rails, our highly trained and experienced analysts understand the intricacies of blockchain analytics. With years of experience in the field, our team are trained experts at performing accurate, thorough and detailed analysis of client funds and transactions. Our team utilises multiple leading industry blockchain analytics tools such as Elliptic, Scorechain and Crystal to ensure we have the most complete picture.

The Lunar Rails analysts have a deep knowledge of blockchain analytics which allows them to identify potential risks or areas for improvement in existing systems. We can provide clients with an informed perspective on how their funds are managed and used across multiple currencies. Our analysts profound understanding of blockchain technology ensure that all transactions have minimal taint levels and that only the 'cleanest' fund sources are recommended.

As a company that understands and values data integrity, we guarantee that all your customer's personal and business information will be stored and securely protected using cutting edge encryption algorithms ensuring total privacy for your customers whenever necessary.

Lunar Rails is known for its expertise in undertaking deep analyses on blockchain analytics using up-to-date technological tools available today. Whether you’re a business looking for assurance when investing funds into cryptocurrency markets, high net worth individuals wanting peace of mind about your financial security or just interested in learning more about Bitcoin/digital asset trading - we are here to help.

Lightning Network

Lunar Rails has vast experience when it comes to the Bitcoin Lightning Network. The Bitcoin Lightning Network (BLN) is a revolutionary new payment system for businesses and vendors offering an alternative to traditional payment rails such as credit cards, bank transfers, or other methods of payments. With BLN, transactions are faster than ever before with near-instant confirmations allowing customers to quickly purchase goods and services from anywhere in the world without waiting days on end for their money to arrive.

The Lightning Network is a layer two solution built on top of bitcoin’s blockchain technology which enables faster transaction times than traditional payment rails such as credit cards. This means that customers can make payments nearly instantaneously with reduced fees compared to other methods – allowing business owners more control over when they receive funds from sales transactions while also reducing costs associated with processing those payments. Additionally, since all lightning network transactions are secured by cryptography there is no risk of fraud or chargebacks related to non-fulfillment obligations like with regular credit card purchases (ease additional customer protection).

Lunar Rails can advise SMEs looking to leverage this new technology so even if you don’t know anything about the Lightning Network, we can help get you up and running quickly without any prior knowledge required. Our experienced developers have worked extensively within the digital asset space developing projects from scratch, so whether it’s setting up wallets or creating custom solutions tailored towards your specific needs, we can help. We provide ongoing support post implementation too providing peace of mind should something go wrong down the line; rest assured knowing you're in good hands with our knowledgable and trained professionals.

Choosing Lunar Rail’s experience in utilizing Bitcoin’s Lightning Network makes perfect sense when considering alternative payment options due its near instantaneous transfer rates coupled together with unparalleled security measures ensuring both buyers & sellers alike remain safe throughout each sale thanks largely in part due its utilization of cryptographic proofing systems safeguarding all involved parties against potential fraudulent activity happening behind closed doors… all at exceptional cost savings making sure everyone walks away happy after each successful transaction made via lunar rails services.